Slot Tournaments

Best Slot Tournaments Online 2017

How the slot tournaments work is that you must first download the casino and make an account. Then from the lobby just look for Slot Tournaments. You can then choose the tournament that fits your schedule and bankroll. They all clearly have the buy-in displayed so you know the maximum amount you can lose if things don’t go your way.

Once you choose your tournament you just sign up and that’s it, you’re in! For your buy-in you will receive a set number of “credits” or coins with which you play. You then have a set amount of time in which to spend your credits.

The tournaments usually are open for several hours to allow many people to play, but your time will only last about 10 or 15 minutes.

Once you are done you can check the leaderboards to see where you stand. It really is that simple. Play as many spins as you can in the allotted time with a set number of credits and the top score wins!

Online slot tournaments will usually pay out several spots, so even if you don’t have the best score, you can often win some money just for placing near the top.

One online casino offering freeroll slot tournaments is Rushmore Casino. They have been known to run slot tournaments for free with as much as $1,000 added to the prize pool. Winners of this free slot tournament can walk away with $250 for just 10 minutes of slots play. Not too bad indeed!

In addition, Rushmore Casino has other tournaments running daily with buy-ins as low as $1. The tournaments play on some of their most popular machines – Crystal Waters, Texan Tycoon and Loose Caboose.

They are a blast to play and a good way to get to know the machine without spending a lot of money doing it.

Another great casino offering daily slot tournaments is ClubUSA Casino. The cool thing about the slots tournaments at ClubUSA Casino is that every one of them has a guaranteed prize pool. What this does is help you to know about how much you could win for a good showing.

It can be a little tricky in tournaments that don’t have a guarantee because 20 people could play or 200. That makes a big difference in payouts obviously. This is not a concern at ClubUSA however, since you know the minimum that will be payed out before even signing up.

Even if you don’t normally play slots online, slot tournaments are a fun and exciting way to pass some time. Slot tournaments are becoming more and more popular and for good reason. For a relatively small investment you can get a lot of spins on some great slot machines and in the end, if lady luck is on your side, you can walk away with a nice score.