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Internet Bingo Bonus 2024

Bingo has recently experienced a revival of sorts in the gaming industry. There are numerous websites that offer bingo games and they are in big demand, even among the younger generation. Many online gaming portals charge a fee for playing and offer attractive cash prizes. But there is one site that offers bingo games free of charge and yet gives away good prizes – Internet Bingo.

Internet Bingo was launched by Winward Hall Ltd, based in Ireland. The company also owns a few other gaming sites where you can play a number of slots and casino games with real money. Winward Hall was started in 2002 as a small establishment by a group of Bingo lovers.

Gradually the company built several brands in the online bingo industry and has quickly risen to being one of the leading companies in the online gaming business.

All the brands of the company are certified by TST (Technical Services Testing) and comply strictly with regulatory requirements. Most of the games in the company’s gaming portals are powered by Parlay entertainment and Top Game Power. The company also boasts of having one of the best customer service staffs in the online gaming industry.

The games at Internet Bingo are also powered by Parlay Entertainment Software, known for their simulations of bingo games on the net. Despite being a free gaming portal, Internet Bingo does have interesting plans to offer its visitors.

A simple yet well designed interface and impressive graphics are a few of the features offered at this site. Also the security measures and customer service are quite impressive.

Internet Bingo Design and Software

The interface of Internet Bingo is not a very glamorous one when compared to some of the other online gaming portals. It sticks to a very basic and old-fashioned layout. There aren’t many links either.

Right on the home page, you have the member login section, on the right of which you have different links for new players to register and for other useful functions. At the bottom of the page, there are links to the privacy policy and terms and conditions pages of the site.

The red background may seem a little hard on your eyes at first, but you get used to it soon and most importantly, navigation through the site is very convenient.

The games are powered by Flash and provide impressive graphics that you can find on most bingo games online for a charge. The only intrusion in the website is the advertisements of other gaming portals.

This is however quite understandable, since advertising is one of the sources of revenue for the site, and one of the key reasons why it can afford not to charge its players for the games. The advertisements do not annoy and are neatly provided on the screen.

You can customize your game settings by clicking on the game options link. The tab features options like auto card selection, bingo caller and auto dab, all three of which you can turn on and off.

If you have a slow connection, you can choose to set the quality of the graphics. You can choose from high, medium and low quality. Although the difference is not drastic, it considerably eases the loading time of the site.

If you are not familiar with the game, you can use the help link on the top right hand side of the window, where you will find a lot of information on how the game is played and other rules and regulations of the game.

There is also a link that enables you to ask questions so that you can clear any doubt you have about the game or the site. A link to the recent jackpot winners can also be found.

Internet Bingo Technical Requirements

One of the biggest advantages of Internet Bingo is that the technical requirements of the site are minimal. A Flash Player version 7 or upwards, 64 MB RAM, a 56K internet connection and a Pentium II PC.

Even the most basic computer available in the present market is far more advanced than the specifications mentioned above, so practically everyone can enjoy games on this site.

Internet Bingo Games

Upon registering at the site, you are given 10 bingo cards to play with, which you can use for playing the games. You can choose from an array of 75 ball bingo games and new rounds begin every few minutes. For every bingo game you win, you are given a penny, which can be accumulated and used as real money to play in one of their sponsor websites if you wish.

The graphics of the games are of professional standard and match some of the other websites where you have to play with real money. This is hardly surprising, considering the fact that one of the best programmers of Bingo games has designed the game software.

Plus if you win a bingo game, you are entered for the monthly draw conducted at the end of each month, where you are in with a chance to win exciting prizes.

Internet Bingo Privacy and Service

Even though Internet Bingo is a free gaming site, it does not take its players privacy and security for granted. The site has taken stringent measures to protect user information and email ids. All user information is secured in a password protected database.

Also the site does not disclose contact information to third party websites. Internet Bingo sends mails only to players registered at the site and does not purchase bulk emails from other sites and send mails to them, which is a common practice among many spam websites.

Internet Bingo has also taken a few strict measures to control spam. Right at the time of registration, a player can opt whether to receive promotional emails or not. Every email that Internet Bingo sends its users contains an ‘unsubscribe link’, so anytime a user feels he need not receive any more mails, he can unsubscribe by clicking on that link.

For a site that offers free bingo gaming, the customer service offered at Internet Bingo is quite impressive. The options for contacting customer service are limited to email and live chat. However, they provide efficient service and are user friendly.

There are three email ids, each one dealing with a specific aspect of the site or the game. For quick resolutions to any queries, the best way is to contact the customer service through live chat.

Internet Bingo Prizes

Compared to other major gaming portals and casinos, the prizes offered at Internet Bingo are quite modest, since it demands no deposits from the player. But still you stand a chance of winning a lucrative prize.

Prizes are offered both in cash and as tangible items like TVs, laptops, iPods etc. By winning a bingo game at Internet Bingo, you are entered into a monthly draw through which players can win gift vouchers from

Why Play at Internet Bingo

When a website offers bingo games with attractive prizes free of charge, what more reason do you need to play at it? Even though such an offer may mislead people into being suspicious of it, the truth is that Internet Bingo thrives on advertising and email marketing campaigns to generate revenue. This allows it to offer attractive prizes to players without having to charge them.

For a person who is looking to play bingo without paying for it, Internet Bingo is a great option. It not only allows you to win prizes, you also get to learn the game without having to spend a single penny on it.

Another advantage of playing on Internet Bingo is that you do not have to download any software from the site. The interface can be accessed on every operating system, so whether you use a Mac or a Windows PC, you will face no problems in playing at Internet Bingo.

All you need to do is register at the site, wait for your confirmation email and then play for as long as you can. You don’t have to disclose your credit/debit card or your e-wallet information.

The site offers prizes like LCD and Plasma TVs, iPods, laptop computers etc, as well as cash prizes, that can sometimes go up to as much as thousands of dollars. The site has adopted a ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards spamming, ensuring that your contact information is not shared with third parties.

An added attraction about Internet Bingo is the chat feature, which allows you to chat with fellow players and feel the buzz of playing in an active bingo hall. This way you not only get to play bingo, you also get to make some online friends.

The chat room is present in the same window as the game room below the bingo cards, but is not too distracting to take your mind off the game. You can choose to minimize the window or maximize it, depending on whether you prefer to play with or without chat.