Cryptologic Casino Software

When it comes to high quality, in-demand casino games and slot machines, there is not much need to look any further than Cryptologic. Although most people have not heard of the company specifically, if you are a fan of online slots, and you don’t live in the United States, you have likely played several of their games.

Cryptologic is a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange. As such, you can rest assured that Cryptologic is not a fly-by-night corporation who have just arrived to the industry. In fact, they have been around since 1995.

Orginally, Cryptologic was a cash processor for other internet casinos. After a while in the business, they realized there was a niche that they could expand into and they opened Inter Casino. That was their entry into developing internet casino gaming software and since then, they have gotten away from running casinos, but have become one of the leaders in casino software and cash processing.

WagerLogic is the licensing subsidiary of Cryptologic, and as a publicly traded company, they do not allow any of their WagerLogic licensees to accept wagers from the United States. This is very unfortunate for American players, especially slots fans, since Cryptologic has exclusive licenses for some of the best franchises in online slots.

One of their most popular exclusively licensed lines of slot machines is the Marvel Comics brand. It’s almost criminal that some of America’s greatest comic hero’s appear exclusively on slot machines that are not available in the US. Unfortunately that’s just the gaming environment we live in today.

However, for those lucky enough to be able to play them, Cryptologic is responsible for such incredible slot games as Spider Man Revelations, Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, X-Men, Wolverine, and the Fantastic Four.

Besides the Marvel brand, Cryptologic has exclusive licenses on some other familiar names in pop culture. They have created slot machines like Call of Duty 4, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Street Fighter IV, and even Jenga.

Another incredible feature that Cryptologic can provide to their licensees is their shared progressive jackpots. They have quite a few slot machines with jackpots and each of the jackpots are shared across all of their licensees and even across different currencies.

The Marvel brand, Rapid Fire and Movie Mayhem are among the most popular progressive jackpot slots available from Cryptologic. Then there’s the exclusive Millionaire’s Club slot machine, which literally makes millionaires out of lucky slot players. It has paid out the highest progressive jackpot ever, at over $8 million!

Cryptologic games can be played at some of the leading online casinos in the world. PartyCasino, the world’s largest online casino, features many of the branded Cryptologic games, including the Marvel games.

Even though Cryptologic sits comfortably near the top of the online casino software and developer industry pyramid, they are not satisfied to rest on their laurels. Quite the opposite in fact, as Cryptologic is constantly seeking to develop and release new sofware.

They already have more than 300 different games that they can offer to meet the need of any online casino. However, every year they release more than 20 new games, many of them branded on exclusive licenses.

So although you may not know the name Cryptologic, you undoubtedly know the names of some of their games. They are clearly a leader in the online casino industry in cash processing, security, software design and innovation.