Keno Games Tips 2024

When you talk about a game of luck versus a game of skill, the skill games obviously have some sort of strategy involved and usually some optimum way of playing the game. Then there are games like Keno. Keno is a true game of luck in very sense.

There is no real strategy, no “best play”, and no way to really improve your game. You simply pick numbers and wait for the board to flash up the next winner.

With all of that in mind, there is something to be said about the true simplicity of Keno. It is the type of game that can be played while distracted or as a distraction. It can be both boring and extremely exciting.

The dichotomy of Keno is unlike most other games which may require you full attention and concentration and where payouts slowly mount up over a session.

Keno is so simple in fact, that it is often offered in casino restaurants (and non-casino restaurants in many places) to play while waiting for and eating dinner. The idea of Keno is much like playing the lottery.

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You have a Keno card, on which there are 80 numbers from which to choose. There are a few ways to do this. The simplest and most common way to play is with a straight ticket. This is generally the only way to play online. 20 numbers are then randomly drawn, and these numbers are the winners. Match up enough numbers on your Keno card and you win.

A straight ticket is simply picking a certain amount of numbers. You can usually pick up to 15 numbers on one ticket. The more numbers you pick, the more you need to hit in order to win money.

If you pick the max 15 numbers, you may not get paid until you get 7 hits. Choose fewer numbers and it will take fewer hits to win and the minimum win will be higher than if you had chosen more numbers.

You can play Keno for free or for real money at Bodog Casino, without even downloading any software. They have a great Keno game. You can choose up to 15 numbers and you have a nice choice of ticket costs. They also have the option of letting the computer randomly choose your numbers for you.

At Bodog, and many other casinos, you can also play a group of games in a row. They have the choice to play just one game, 5 games, or 10 games. When you choose multiple games, each round will go quickly and you will see a display of how many numbers you hit in each round.

Once all of the rounds are finished you can click on each round to see your card and the winners.

The pay table is available on each site’s Keno card and shows what is won for the specific number of catches. For instance, playing 15 numbers you may see that hitting 10 of the 15 pays 300. This number is then multiplied by your bet to get your actual payout.

There is usually a max payout too, so be cautious in betting too high when winning would mean you go over the max payout.

As for strategy, on a straight Keno ticket there really is nothing you can do to increase your odds of winning. Many believe the best strategy is to choose numbers that have meaning to you, such as birthday and anniversaries, however this strategy is up for debate (not really *wink, wink*).

Keno is fun to play. It’s easy and does not require much attention so you can play while doing other things, like chatting, eating, or watching television. Every once in a while, you might hit it big playing a round of Keno. You will be amazed that such a simple game can give you such a rush!