Classic 3 Reel Slots

Classic 3 Reel Slots

When you think of a slot machine, chances are that what comes to mind is very similar to what are referred to online as “Classic 3 Reel Slots” or “Three Reel Classic Slots”. Either way, the reference is to the same basic game.

Classic 3 reel slots are slot machines which feature 3 reels, or 3 columns of symbols. Typically there is a pull bar to the right of the machine, even though online the pull bar is just a tribute to the land based slot machine classics.

When you spin the reels, you can either click on this pull bar, or just click the spin button.

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Where to play classic 3 reel slots

The classic 3 reel slots are found on almost every online casino. There are many different variations of these classic games however, so you may need to search a bit to find your favorite.

A couple of the most popular classic slots are Sevens & Stripes and Diamond Mine, available at Slots Oasis Casino, features lots of classic slots, including Fruit Slot, Treasures of Pharoahs, Red, White & Blue and Wild Sevens.

How to play classic 3 reel slots

Playing three reel classic slots is a piece of cake. You can select the amount that you wish to deposit, which usually gives you credits on the machine. You then can either click “Bet One” as many times as you wish, up to the machine max, or most machines have a “Play Max” or “Play 3 Credits” button.

It is generally best to play the max number of credits per spin because this is the only way that you can win the largest jackpots.

Once you make your bet, you then either click “Spin Reel” or click on the pull bar to start the reels spinning. They stop on their own and wherever they stop determines the prize that you win.

There are newer 3 reel slot games now that still have the classic feel but utilize the advances in technology to create more exciting games. Some of these newer games feature multiple pay lines and multiple combinations for winning.

So instead of one pay line in the center of the reels, there may be 3 or more lines. Combinations on any of these lines then determine your payout. Some games even will cross pay lines in coming up with your winning combination. It can get quite in-depth and a little confusing, but it makes for an exciting game for sure!

Classic 3 Reel Slots Rules

The rules for the most basic three reel classic slots are generally more simple than their video slot counterparts. Simply line up the proper symbols across the three reels and you are a winner! Exactly how much you win depends of course upon the machine and the payouts listed and which symbols have lined up.

Usually each machine will have the payouts for classic three reel slots just above the playing reel. This makes it simple to refer to the table to see what you are going for to land the big payday.

Examining this pay table also emphasises the importance of playing the max credits, since you can see the jump in payout going from 1 credit to the next.

If you are a fan of online slots, then there is little doubt that you are already quite familiar with many of the classic 3 reel slots games. With all of the great casinos out there offering newer and better slot machines, it is still worth trying some new “classic” 3 reel slots.

Who knows, maybe you will find a new favorite game and better yet, you might strike it rich in the process!