Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots

If you are looking to strike it rich, nothing can do the trick quite like hitting a progressive slot machine. With one spin of the reels, progressive slots can help you go from a regular Joe playing internet slots to an instant millionaire!

This does not come without a cost of course. Progressive slots hold long odds and they are not the cheap way to play slots online. But if you want to strike it rich they can definitely get the job done.

What are Progressive Slots?

Progressive slots are simply special slot machines that are set up to take a small portion of each bet and add that to the progressive jackpot. The progressive part just means that the jackpot is constantly growing with each bet. This is unlike some jackpots which may have a set amount to be won.

This is what makes the jackpots so huge and progressive slots so exciting. Many progressive slots jackpots pay out in excess of a million dollars! That’s a nice chunk of change for playing a game that you would likely enjoy playing anyway.

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Where to Play

Progressive slots can be played at many online casinos. However, some sites are going to be much better, while others are not really worth the time. If you are looking for the best progressive slots on the internet, you would not go wrong with Slots Oasis Casino.

The name says it all, Slots Oasis is a slots player’s paradise. They regularly have several progressive jackpot slot machines with prizes of over $1 million. Even the smaller jackpots at Slots Oasis Casino are generally $100,000 or more, making them an obvious choice when it comes to progressive slots.

Another great site for progressive slots games is Cherry Red Casino. They feature dozens of progressive jackpot slot machines and payouts are regularly in the 6 figure category and often pay out more than $1 million. Some of the popular jackpot slots on Cherry Red include Rudolph’s Revenge, Shopping Spree and The Three Stooges.

And of course, how could you go wrong with The sister site of Bovada Casino boasts over 2 dozen true progressive slots, with over 30 more random progressive jackpot slot machines to boot.

How to Win Progressive Slots

Of course the ultimate question then is, “So how do I win one of these jackpots?” The answer is so simple, yet complicated at the same time. The quick answer is, “With a lot of luck.”

However, there are ways you can increase your chances of winning. First off, know the rules of the progressive slot that you are playing. If you don’t even understand how you win it makes winning that much more difficult. Questions to find the answers to include, what triggers the jackpot?

Is it simply a certain combination that lines up on the reels, or is there another way to win the jackpot? Some games have secondary games that begin only once you hit a certain combination on the reels. While these are great fun and often include some nice bonuses, like free spins, if you don’t know how it works you could be wasting a great opportunity.

Another thing to keep in mind is to always bet the max on a progressive slot machine. This can be a bit expensive, but for most machines the rules state that you must bet the max to even be eligible for a jackpot payout. And could you imagine hitting the right combination without betting the max and even being eligible to win?

Finally, in order to win, you have to give yourself a chance. The odds of hitting a progressive slot jackpot are slim indeed. But it does happen every day, and online the payouts increase both in amount and frequency hit, since so many people are playing at the same time.

Do not spend your entire bankroll trying to hit a progressive slot machine. If you have a deep enough bankroll, you can definitely spend some time trying to get lucky (and rich at the same time), but if you are on a smaller roll, find a game that will give you better odds for a big score. And the last piece of advice on progressive slots is play a game that you enjoy and just have fun!

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