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Internet gaming is one of the favourite pastimes of many people around the world. While some people prefer the free online games, some like to play real money online casino games.

To play online casino games, it is important to have a high speed internet connection and a desktop or a laptop. But now, with the introduction of mobile phones and the versatile smartphones, things have changed.

The popularity of mobile and smart phones has given rise to mobile casinos, which provide round the clock access to online casinos and allow gaming enthusiasts to enjoy real money casinos games from anywhere.

Today, you can play a variety of real money games on your standard WAP mobile phone or smartphones such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Android phone or the latest Windows Mobile 7. This means you won’t need a computer or an expensive tablet PC for playing online casino games.

All you need is a mobile or a smart phone and you can enjoy online gaming while waiting at cafes, bus stops and train stations or when you are travelling by bus or train.

Playing Mobile Casino On your Ipad, Android, and Iphone

To access mobile casinos, you should either have a mobile phone that is equipped with WAP technology or have a smartphone with Wi-Fi or 3G internet accessibility. To play online casino games on your mobile, you can access the mobile casino site using your phone browser, register and make a deposit to start playing a game of your choice. Usually, the games offered by mobile casinos are simple and ideal for playing on small portable devices like mobile phones.

The best mobile casinos games are those that can be paused if you need to switch between phone applications to attend calls or take messages. Also, they should be easily accessible through your WAP browser, and should not occupy too much of your memory space even if there is a need to download them.

Here are a few points you should consider when you choose a mobile casino to play games for real money.

1.    iPhone and Handset Compatibility

Although there are a number of mobile casinos today, only those that support your mobile phone technology are of any use to you.  So the first thing to look for in a mobile casino is whether or not it offers games that are compatible with your mobile handset and its software.

Standard WAP Mobile Phones – The best part about mobile casinos is that you can play online casino games on regular mobile phones by Nokia, Samsung or Sony Ericsson, if they are equipped with the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) technology.

Most of the online casinos offer a variety of arcade and slot games that can be easily played through your WAP browser, but accessing the table games like poker, blackjack, etc on a normal mobile phone can get difficult.

iPhone – The iPhone is perhaps the most popular smartphone today that has a number of applications for entertainment. As it is a smart phone, the iPhone allows you to access the internet easily using Wi-Fi or 3G technology.

You can play a variety of online casino games on your mobile by downloading the gaming software directly through your iPhone browser. With its outstanding touchscreen and sound features, the iPhone can be considered as one of the best smartphones for playing exciting real money games on the internet.

Blackberry Phones
 – Although it is considered as a business phone, the Blackberry is also used for online casino gaming by many people. Considering the number of people who use this gadget, a number of mobile casinos are now offering a variety of casino games that are compatible with the technology used in Blackberry phones.

For the best mobile casino experience on your Blackberry, simply download the game software and deposit money to play for real money. The best part here is that most of the mobile casinos allow you to download individual games instead of the complete casino gaming software, which could occupy a lot of your phone’s memory.

Android Phones – Android has around 15000 compatible applications, which make it one of the most popular smartphone platforms in the market today. Considering the popularity of these phones, mobile casinos are now offering a variety of casino games that are compatible with Android phones.

The touchscreen technology of Android phones makes your online gaming experience smooth and exciting too. With a touchscreen 3G Android phone, you can easily access the mobile casino site, make secure deposits and play your choice of games from anywhere and at anytime.

Windows Mobile Phones – Although the initially launched Windows Phone 5 wasn’t a huge success, the latest Windows Phone 7 is a great choice for online casino gaming. This smartphone provides improved multimedia experience with a high resolution, fast processor and top class touch screen system, all the features that are essential for online casino gaming.

Although Windows Phone 7 was introduced only recently, the number of people using it is still big. As most of the games offered by mobile casinos are windows compatible, finding a reliable mobile casino that offers Windows Phone 7 compatible games is easy.

2.    Mobile Game Variety

The next thing you should consider for choosing a mobile casino is the type of games that you can play on your mobile. If you want to play for real money, you should look for a mobile casino that offers different variations of casino games that are both enjoyable and profitable.

The most commonly offered mobile casino games include – mobile slots, blackjack, roulette, keno and video poker. Some sites also have mobile bingo and lotto games, where you can download the bingo or the lottery ticket in to your mobile phone and connect to the internet for playing.

Some mobile casinos also allow sports betting and online poker games through selected smartphones like the iPhone and Android phones.

3.    Mobile Casino Software

When you play online casino games, you can either download the gaming software or play the flash version of these games through your internet browser. However, to play real money mobile casino games, you need to download and install the mobile version of these games on your mobile phone.

Once you choose a mobile casino that supports your mobile handset, just visit the site through your WAP mobile phone or smart phone browser and follow the instructions to download and install gaming apps of your choice.

The advantage of downloading games in this fashion is that you can choose only those games that you want, and not waste memory space by downloading the entire casino package.

4.    Display and Audio

Choosing a site that provides the best gaming software is necessary if you want to enjoy your mobile gaming experience. So before you choose a particular mobile casino, you should check the quality of graphics and audio provided by the gaming software.

Although the display of these games also depends on the handset you own, choosing a site with top class gaming software makes your mobile casino gaming all the more exciting. Otherwise, irrespective of the attractive display options and features available in your smartphone, your mobile gaming experience will not be all that great.

5.    Mobile Casino Bonuses and Promotions 2024

Whether you choose an online casino or a mobile casino, it is important that you consider the bonuses and promotional incentives that you can get for choosing it. As you would be playing these games for real money, choosing a casino site that offers bonuses on your deposits would enable you to wager more and win more, no matter where you are located.

6.    Mobile Casino Deposit and Cashout Options 2024

Security is another important thing you should consider before choosing a mobile casino. Playing real money casino games on mobile phones is absolutely safe, provided you choose a site that uses encryption software to protect vulnerable financial and personal information of its players.

Most of the common banking options available in online casinos are also available in mobile casinos, although it is safer to use e-wallets rather than directly using your credit card or banking passwords on your mobile.

7.    Casino Reputation

For the best gaming experience on your mobile, it is better to choose a reputed mobile casino. As there are many mobile casinos already in the market today, you should pick one after careful consideration of its terms and conditions, privacy policy, licensing details and certificate for fair gaming.

Also, spend some time to read user reviews about the chosen mobile casino to make sure you are choosing one where your money would be secure and you can enjoy fair gaming.

2024 Most Popular Mobile Casinos

Some of the best mobile casinos include Ladbrokes mobile casino that offers 18 exciting games any deposit and Bet365 mobile casino that offers a variety of games for different brands of mobile phones including the iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones.

You can also try LadyLucks casino that offers a variety of casino games and also a bonus of ₤100 on your first deposit.