Legislation to Legalize Online Gambling

Legislation to Legalize Online Gambling

Iowa State Senator Jeff Daniels plans to introduce legislation to legalize online gambling in his state. The new interpration of the Wire Act which says that this only applies to sports betting leaves the door wide open for states to legalize poker.

Many states have plans to introduce legislation which will allow the states to sell lottery tickets online and offer intra-state gambling online, but Senator Jeff Daniels is proposing opening the market up between states and even international poker.

Wire Act Does Not Apply to Online Poker and Casinos

“We believe that because of the Department of Justice ruling, we can now have a multi-state compact,” Danielson said, adding that he plans to draft a bill within this year to legalize online poker.

US Could Earn Huge Money in Taxes From Online Gambling

Danielson says that he thinks legalizing online poker will bring much needed tax income to Iowa. He estimates that the industry will produce $13 Million to $60 Million in revenue.

Iowa is one of many states that is planning on introducing legislation to legalize online poker. This is a step in the right direction for people in the United States the like to gamble online. The restrictions that have been placed on online gambling have made it very difficult for US players to deposit and withdraw funds from poker and casino sites.


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