Video Poker Tips

Video Poker Tips 2024

Looking for a game that can offer you both – a good opportunity to win and all the enjoyment of playing in a casino? Opt for video poker, as it combines both to give you a great time. This is one of the few casino games in which you can place small wagers and expect good returns.

Some of the bets on online video poker start with a dollar. This means that even if your bankroll is small to begin with, you can play several times at a video poker game. It increases your chances of winning in the long run. Here are some video poker tips that will help you maximize the chances for making money through this game.

Select a game which offers good returns

Select a video poker game which offers you good returns. For this, you will have to look through the pay-table provided for the video poker screen you choose. This will help you decide which game offers you a better return, and which doesn’t.

For instance, two screens may offer the same payouts on royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind and full house. However, one may offer 6 on a flush, while another may offer 7 on the same. Here, it is best to opt for the second.

The return on a game is the percentage of money a player gets. From the amount that a player wagers, casinos typically take a percentage. This is the average profit that the casino makes, and becomes its house edge.

When a casino gets 2% of the bets, it means that players get 98% of it. If you have the option of choosing between this payout and one which offers the player a 99.5% and the casino a 0.5% return, opt for the second.

Start playing video poker online

If you are new to video poker, the best platform for you to learn the game is online. Several casinos like Omni Casino and provide these games for free. This means that you can play and learn the ropes of video poker online without having to pay money for it.

This way, you can place wagers with play money and practice the game for free. Another benefit of playing online is that most casinos provide players with vital information on poker hands and rules.

One such is, which has an online guide that can help you fine tune your game-play. Once you master the game, you can move to playing the real money version of it.

Know the probabilities in video poker

When you play video poker, you should be familiar with the different types of probabilities involved. Although it may seem difficult initially to make sense of all the percentages involved, you should not forget that this is one of the key determinants of how much you stand to win or lose in video poker.

Getting comfortable with calculating and using probabilities to play the game is extremely important. You should also know some simple probability related facts about the game. For example, it is possible that when you throw away the fifth card, you will come across another with the same value.

You may come across a four of a kind once in every hour. Similarly, the odds of you hitting a royal flush – the best hand in video poker are 1 in 40,000. This means that if you play 600 hands an hour, for 8 hours per day, you may hit a royal flush once in 8.43 days.

This probability is much better than what you would typically encounter for hitting a slot jackpot.

Familiarize yourself with poker hands before you start playing

One of the first steps to take before you start playing video poker is to familiarize yourself with the hands. Each hand in poker has a unique value, which determines whether you win a game or not.

The different hands that you may come across in video poker are – royal flush, straight flush, inside straight, outside straight, four of a kind, three of a kind, two pair, straight, flush, full house and pair of jacks or better.

A royal flush comprises of the highest cards in a deck – A, K, Q, J, 10. The order of the cards doesn’t have an impact on whether you have the royal flush or not.

Straight flush is a hand that has five cards in an order. For instance, a hand with 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s is a straight flush. A hand with a four of a kind will have four cards from the same rank. For instance, 5h, 5c, 5s, 5d is a four of a kind.

Full house is a hand that has three cards from one rank, and two cards from another. For instance, a hand with 6s, 6d, 6c, 2h, 2d makes a full house. When you have a hand with five cards from the same suit, it is called flush. For instance, a hand with 5h, 4h, 7h, 9h, Kh, is a flush. For all these hands in video poker, it is important that the cards be of the same suit.

You get a straight when your hand has five cards that are consecutive in order, but of mixed suits. For example, a hand containing 3h, 4s, 5d, 6d, 7s, is a straight. Three of a kind is a hand that has three cards from the same rank. For instance, 8h, 8c, 8h make up a three of a kind.

For a two pair, you need two cards from one rank, and two other cards from another rank. For instance, when you have 8h, 8c, 3d, 3h, 2c, it makes a two pair. A pair of jacks or better has two aces, kings, queens or jacks.

An inside straight is a hand with a hole at the centre, which means that it has the potential to be a straight. However, in a game of Jacks or Better – one of the most frequently played versions of video poker – you should not attempt to make an inside straight a straight.

An outside straight is a card set that can be transformed into a straight by adding a card on either end. 9, 8, 2, 6, 5 is an example of an inside straight, while 9, 8, 6, 5, 2 is an example of an outside straight.

These hand rankings will help you decide which cards you should retain and when, and which to discard.

Manage your bankroll carefully to get the most out of the game

Manage your bankroll carefully, so that you get to play at more games and you get the most out of your money. For this you will have to set a limit on the amount of money you are willing to wager at a time, in one session of video poker.

The money should ideally be excess money – that which is not required for paying bills, meeting other requirements, or for investing. The bankroll should be able to support the denomination, even if you play maximum number of coins in every hand.

Decide on a percentage that you are willing to lose before you stop playing. This can be anywhere between 50% and 80%. If you have played through this amount, and have not added to your bankroll (by way of wins), then you should stop playing, and retain the bankroll for another session of video poker.

Also decide on how much of your bankroll you intend to win. Once you reach that percentage, stop playing.

General tips for playing video poker

  • Opt for video poker games that use small number of decks. Ideally, you should opt for those that employ just one deck. The fewer the number of decks, the lower the house edge. This directly increases the player edge, and can decrease the amount of money you may lose.
  • Select a video poker variation and practice playing it. This way, you get to learn the strategies that apply to that variation, and master them. In the long run, it will enable you to play the game more effectively than you would as a novice.
  • When you have a straight flush, royal flush, full house, four of a kind, two pair and three of a kind, retain them. From the three of a kind, discard the two different cards. This will give you the chance to make a full house or four of a kind later. Similarly, from the two pair, eliminate the fifth card, and you will have the chance to make a full house.
  • From a hand that has four cards to a royal flush, take out the fifth card. This will give you the opportunity to make a royal flush, flush, straight and a pair of jacks or better.
  • Break a pair of jacks only if your hand has four cards to make a royal flush, or four cards to make a straight flush.
  • Retain a low pair in a hand, but discard a solitary high card.